Race Details

Summer Handicap 2024

Summer 10k Handicap - Tuesday 16th July at 6.45pm. 

It's free to enter so be at Spring Hall for 6.30pm to collect number and handicap.

If you want to enter the handicap please email Nigel Rigg nrigg@hotmail.com or put your name on the form in the clubhouse (cafe)

There will be a trophy for the winner.

Senior Christmas Handicap 2023 and Social Get-together

Christmas Handicap - Sunday 17th December 2023.

This is one of the clubs longest running races with the tradition dating way back to the 50’s, possibly even longer. This race will once again be organised by Nigel Rigg. 

It's free to enter so meet at the chippy on the moor at 10:30 to register, collect your race number and handicap time. The race will start at 11:00.

If you know you're going to be doing it please email Nigel Rigg nrigg@hotmail.com your most recent 10k time or your honest estimate! 

Optional - bring along a wrapped gift of £2 to £3 value for the prize table. It's a bit of traditional fun at the end where everyone who brought a prize picks one in the order they finish

After the race meet at the Three PIgeons for a drink & a chat.

The Junior Christmas / New Year Handicap will now be on Sunday 21st January 2024. 


2023 Senior Christmas Handicap Race Report

Congratulations to Steve Winford who won the 2023 Christmas Handicap covering the course in a time 54:45 (43:45). Sarah Cumber finished 2nd  just behind in 56:25 (39.55) holding off Paul Hopkinson in 3rd  57:52 (48:52). 14 Harriers completed the course with 5 first timers taking part and it was good to see a healthy prize table holding this quirky tradition together. 190 different athletes have competed in this event since records began in 1985 – let’s get that number up to 200 next year! Just as important, the race was followed by a very well attended social at the 3 pigeons which is becoming as traditional as the race itself!

The full results from the race as well as the updated spreadsheet that shows all results since 1985 are on the top right hand side of this page of the website. See how you compare with other runners from the past!

Summer Handicap Tuesday 11th July 2023 Harriers Summer Handicap 2023 Race Route
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