Mark GaughanChairman & Welfare Officer

Mark is the Chairman of Halifax Harriers. This entitles him to sit in exciting meetings with other committee members and eat biscuits. Mark is a keen triathlete, his excuse to wear lots of lycra with impunity. As the picture shows, he also plays the pan pipes. Any comments and suggestions which might help improve the running of the club, Mark's the man to talk to.

Keith MidgleyClub President

For those who don’t know me, I am Keith Midgley. I joined the Halifax Harriers in 1967 and have worked my way up though the ranks representing the club on all levels. I am usually found in or around the hut and running with group 1 or 2 when my knees let me.

It is an honour to be President of the Halifax Harriers.

Richard CorneyClub Secretary

After being a member of the Harriers for 30 years and seeing my running times "head south" in a dramatic fashion I have decided that club administration is the way forward. I met my wife Sue at the Harriers many years ago and have been trying to run away ever since (only joking, we do everything together). So, if you have any queries about club life or how the club works, then I’m your man, obviously with a lot of help from Sue.

Chris KirkbrideMembership Secretary & Social Secretary

Never without a smile and a kind word (except when racing). Chris is also the Social Secretary and ensures we have plenty of events to enjoy, such as the Annual Dinner and the club trip to Majorca.

Stef DickinsonTreasurer

Stef looks after the money. She holds on to the Harriers purse strings with an iron grip.

Steve MannCoach

Steve is a relative newcomer to Halifax Harriers but he brings with him three decades of experience in athletics. He's a shy, retiring type but you'll find him on the track at 7 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays, putting our young track and field stars through their paces.

Deb GreenwoodCoach & Welfare Officer

I first joined the Harriers in 1982, had a 9 year break when I had my children and have been coaching since 2006.

I look after the U11's at 6pm and in Summer I coach the High jump - in fair weather.

I run now and again but not competitively.

John SimpsonCoach

John is a Coach specialising in the art of chucking stuff, though he also looks after athletes who jump and run. If you happen to be tall and you find John looking at you with this beaming smile, don't worry, he has probably just been assessing the length of your levers.

Nick SmallCoach

The man with the ironic name. Endurance coach specialising in fell running, trail running, cross country and road. He's also the person to moan to about the website.

Angela RobertshawCoach

Angela specialises in coaching athletes with disabilities. She coaches on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm and has experience to paralympic level.

You can find her group on the track over by the shot putt area.

Victoria MidgleyCoffee and a smile

Victoria is an active member of the club in committees but is quite likely to be the first person to greet you as a new member, serving coffee, tea and biscuits (if little in the way of sympathy) in the clubhouse. There isn't much she doesn't know about the whos, whys and whats of the club, so you're in safe hands. Victoria is also in charge of selling and ordering club kit.