In the summer training is a mixture of road, trails and track work. In winter training mainly takes place on the road, with a combination of speed work and stamina building runs. All members have free use of Spring Hall running track all year round on training nights. Full details on our training page.

Each year we have two competitions for members

Most Improved Runner Competition

This is to find the member who has improved their 10k time the most and is usually won by someone new to running. Are you the clubs most improved 10k road runner? See how much you can improve on your previous PB.

For further information plus the latest results and standings see the 10k Challenge page.

The Harriers Race Challenge

The Challenge comprises of 14 races run on roads and trails from 5k to ½ marathon. There are 5 divisions in the Challenge with runners being allocated a division based on their best 10k time.

Go to the Race Challenge page for details of all the races, rules and the latest results.

Race Challenge 2021/22 Road Race Challenge 2022/23

Leadership in Running Fitness

If you are interested in becoming a road group leader, you will need to take the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course. Details on how to qualifify can be found on the attached document.

LIRF Instructions

London Marathon 2025 Draw Rules

The Harriers should get 2 places in the 2025 London Marathon

Entry into the club ballot for places in the London Marathon 2025 will require members to have entered the General Ballot and been unsucessful in their application. To be in the Harriers draw for London Marathon places, members must have completed a minimum of FOUR races whilst competing as a Halifax Harrier, (at least THREE of which must be in the Harriers Road Race Challenge and the other one either in the Harriers Fell League or any road race whilst competing as a Harrier), between 1st January 2024 and the 2024 Annual General Meeting in October. Also, members must have paid their membership subscription for 2024 by 31st May 2024. One place will go to a member who has not run the London Marathon before. Anyone who received a club place to run the London Marathon in 2023 or 2024 may not apply for 2025.

Anyone who receives a place and is unable to run must notify the Secretary before 10th January 2025 so that their place can be passed onto the next person pulled out at the ballot.

Only members who are present at the AGM and have given their name to the Club Secretary prior to the draw commencing will have their name entered into the draw.