Race Details


8.46 miles


Cragg Vale (Hinchliffe Arms), SD 999233


Todmorden (Centre Vale Park), SD 929249


8:00 to 9:00 am

First runners expected

9.05 am

Leg cut-off

9.45 am

  • Men:  53.31  R Ashworth & R Rawlingson (Rossendale Harrier's, 1989)
  • Ladies:  1.05.30  Helen Smith & Nicola Squires (Ribble Valley, 2019)

Leg 2 Map which you can download to your Garmin

Race Map

Relay Leg 2

Race Route

From the pub follow the metalled road up the valley, ignoring the right turn at the old gatehouse and continuing up Withens Clough for almost a mile to Withens Reservoir.

From the valve house follow the track along the northern edge of the reservoir for some distance to a clearly signed path which leaves the original route at right angles, to follow a grassy slope up to a small well.

Turn left through a stile and follow a flagged path first to the left then to the right of a high wall. Continue on a diagonal line uphill until the original C.W. route (which followed a collapsed wall up from the end of the reservoir) is reached.

Turn right up a walled track to a gate on the edge of the moor. Note on the right the small stone stoop bearing the inscription 'Te deum laudamus'.

Runners must visit Stoodley Pike via Withens Gate and return to the Calderdale Way at Mankinholes. They will be given an additional tally to be handed to the marshal at Withens Gate.

From the gate turn right and follow the wall for ½ mile until you reach a ladder stile in the wall. From here bear left to join the path to Stoodley Pike.

From Stoodley Pike make your own way down to London Road, where bear left onto the track for ½ mile towards Mankinholes. Turn right upon reaching the road.

Note on the right through the village, the drinking troughs for cattle and pack horses and the Youth Hostel, formerly Mankinholes Hall.

At the far end of the village, pass the graveyard of a former Methodist chapel, then turn left into a walled lane down to the Top Brink Inn and along a narrow path down to Lumbutts with its distinctive water tower.

Turn right at the road in Lumbutts, continuing past the water tower (SD 957235) and follow the metalled road (Lumbutts Road) uphill and forwards as far as the fenced moorland.

Effective 2011
You will not be going through the riding stables.
OLD ROUTE - DO NOT turn right at the telegraph pole / bus stop to Croft Farm.

Continue up Lumbutts road past The Shepherds Rest Public House on your right. Approx. 500 yards on your right take the 2nd track /road (Long Hey Lane) down sign posted for the Equestrian Centre (ignore the 1st right sign for public footpath). Keep on down road veering to left. At the junction keep left you are back on the Calderdale Way. See leg 2 changes map below for details.

Continue towards the spire of the Unitarian Church, with views of Dobroyd Castle across the valley. At the S bend is the Quaker burial ground.

Continue down the lane to a metalled road, passing the Unitarian Church on the left before entering Fielden Square, Todmorden. From the Square turn away from the town centre, following the Rochdale Road as far as Dobroyd Road on the right.

Cross over the road (using the zebra crossing if necessary). Turn right crossing canal and railway then bearing left uphill. At the second bend is a view of the town and the Fielden cottages, seen to the right of Waterside Mill; at the third bend note the skew bridge at Gauxholme and the Walsden Valley.

From the Lodge Gate of Dobroyd Castle continue up round the hairpin bend to Stones Farm. Stones House and Beacon are nearby.

Turn right through a stile at the end of the long building on the right, passing Model Farm and Ping Hold, then on reaching another gate with stile, turn left following an indentation up to a stone wall. With this wall on the left continue to a metalled road.

Note the views and landmarks along the route; Dobroyd Castle below; to the right, Longfield, Lumbutts, Mankinholes and Stoodley Pike; to the left, Whirlaw, Cross Stone Church, Great Rock and Heptonstall.

Turn left along the road then sharp right at the next junction to Todmorden Edge Farm.

Turn almost immediately right onto a grassy lane leading down to the top of Buckley Wood. Continue down this path noting the views down the valley and across to Whirlaw.

On reaching Ewood Lane turn left, then follow marshalls directions and the flagged course into Centre Vale Park, with the changeover by the leisure centre.