April And Will In Zurich

On 31st December, some people go to bed early because it’s just another day. Some people sit in to watch the countdown on tv with family or go out and party with friends. April and Will wanted to do something completely different, so they welcomed the New Year on a start line. 

The Neujahrsmarathon in Zurich starts at 00:00:01 in the Schlieren sports hall, where runners must pass through after each lap. The route consists of a 6.55 mile trail loop along the river and back. The beauty of this is that runners can decide during the race if they want to drop down to a shorter distance. 

After being closer to zero all week, the temperature increased to 5 on the night to make it the perfect weather conditions for running. The first lap was full of excitement as the sky was lit up for an hour with fireworks. However, due to the time of the race, there were no spectators and the course got very lonely in the later stages - it became mind over matter. 

Will ran the Half marathon in 1:31:59 then provided the best support for April as she decided to run the full. She finished in 3:19:21, 4th lady and 1st in her age category.